Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the fastest way to reach your customers.
If you have a project (E-commerce, blog, corporate website, etc.) that has already entered the web, you will definitely need to promote it. Depending on your area of ​​business, we will prepare an individual strategy by including social media channels to help your products and services reach the right target.

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Ideal advertising pitch for businesses of all kinds. Whether you offer products, services or want to promote your brand - Facebook is a successful social network.

Some advantages:

  • Facebook Ads increase website traffic, increase brand awareness, attract new followers, engage with different type of content.
  • Product catalogs allow you to reach potential customers by presenting selected items.
  • Remarketing campaigns re-engage users who are already interested in your brand.
  • You reach audiences on Instagram, Messenger, and MarketPlace.


Create emotion through photos with one of the fastest growing platforms worldwide.
We will help your ads reach the right audience through proper targeting and relevant content.

Some advantages:

  • Engage with your brand. With the right content, we will help you impact your users visually.
  • Provide information about your products and services with the right content.
  • Increase conversions with Instagram Ads. We will help you achieve your desired goals.

Google my Business

This network is a factor in positioning your website in the top positions in the search engine. Mandatory network because of the detailed information it provides to the end user (opening hours, website, location, etc.) on any devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop device), as well as the statistics it provides to your business.


Not just a social network aimed at business users, but an online network made up of the most influential people in the world. It gives you an excellent opportunity to gain the trust of your users through recommendations and up-to-date business information. Your brand will reach key / target audiences and professionals in various fields. You can search for new employees or partners and send them direct InMail messages.


It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate a personal attitude to the people who participated in your discussions. Also, you can easily navigate topics and be informed about your competitors' market intelligence and consumer behavior.


Mobile application, extremely suitable for business, having a physical store, office, gallery, etc. Users can post comments and rate places they visit. Based on these estimates, a location rating is formed. There are many strategies and techniques (depending on the business) that could bring you new customers.


An easy way for visitors to your site to save the individual parts they like. On the Pinterest network, users can share with one another. The Pin button can help you get serious traffic from your targeted users to your site.

E-mail Marketing

Remind your brand delicately.

We will take care for the graphic elements for the newsletter, writing compiling texts and delivering the desired message.

Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to keep consumers informed of your latest promotions, services and products, but you should take the time to come up with the right strategy. It is important that the information is presented in a pleasant way, because there is nothing more annoying for the customer than aggressive, unwanted advertising messages in his mailbox.


Google Ads

Undoubtedly the fastest and most effective way to reach your target customers.

Google Ads is the most popular search engine marketing platform. It helps you position your brand, inform the direct consumer of your business, offer your services or products to people who are interested in them, and validate your vision.

Search engine marketing can dramatically improve the visibility of your brand. Our team has certified Google Ads Professionals who will come up with a strategy that will maximize dividends for you.

Turn your 30 USD (Google Ads campaign campaign budget) into 120 USD! As a Google Certified Partner, we give our clients a voucher for each new ad campaign.

Google Ads offers a variety of advertising campaigns according to the goals you want to meet:

  • Search Ads;
  • Display Ads;
  • Video Ads;
  • Remarketing;
  • Combination of all (for maximum effect).

Google Ads will engage your users on Google search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Google Display and Google Play (mobile applications). The strategy depends on your goals, the means and the effect you want to achieve with your campaign.

Our certified specialists are on hand to come up with the most appropriate and effective strategy for you. ivuWorks is one of the first members of the Google Affiliate Network.

YouTube Video Ads

Engage your users with sound and picture!

Millions of people around the world use YouTube for a variety of purposes every day - education, culinary skills, exercise and more. You can also use this medium to reach your customers, and we can show you how.


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